Barn Pottery Sale!

Come visit all of us here at the barn for our pottery sale! We will be open 10-5, then again tomorrow 10-8pm! So many awesome pots and people.

Also, throw on your dancing show for the Barn dance, tomorrow night, Saturday 6-10pm. Fun for the entire family, all ages. Dancing, face painting, tee shirt making, and lots of delicious food and drink. $5 per ticket, available at the door.


Samantha Oliver

Dave Drake Studio Barn Resident Artist

Art…By Appointment!

I have been teaching tons of Art by Appointments recently!  Art by Appointments are a unique way to have a one-on-one or small group lesson with a Bascom educator.  It is a great option if you are looking to work on specific art making skills, have personal feedback on your creative process, or if you prefer a unique and individualized class experience.  Classes are an hour and a half long.

I mostly get requests for painting ABA’s (Art By Appointments), and work with a variety of ages. Here are some images from ABA’s that I taught last week.

-Kristina Rose Baker

Inspiration is abundant

As an artist of any kind, it is always important to continue to look at art outside of your own and to learn from others.  My favorite way to do this is to be a part of an engaged artistic community like the Bascom.  You can gain so much valuable advice, technique, and direction from other creative people surrounding you, and not to mention feedback on the work you have already created (trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds!).  And chances are you have something very valuable to share with others as well, even if you don’t know it.  I can’t tell you how much I learn from my students on a constant basis.

I am always looking at other artists and their work- online, in recent art publications, or in books I get from the library.  Even when looking at artists I have admired my entire life, each time I learn something new to take away and use in my own artwork.  I feel it is incredibly important to be looking at current and contemporary artists.  I do this to understand the directions that art is headed, to have a dialogue and conversation with work that is being made right now, and of course, to be inspired.  Doing this also makes me think of my own influences, what I care about, and what I am trying to respond to in the world through my own artwork.

Here are three contemporary artists I have been studying and admiring recently:

Talia Levitt- http://www.taliaelevitt.comtalia levitt

talia levitt22talia levitt33

talia levitt6


Annie May Johnston-

annie may johnstonannie may johnston2annie may johnston3annie may johnston4

Dylan Vandenhoeck-

dylan vandenhoeck14_ICantTell-InstallSinkUnnotice


Never stop looking! Inspiration is abundant!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week:) Happy Sunday!

-Kristina Rose Baker



Photography Learning Opportunities in August and September …For Everyone!

The are plenty of photography learning opportunities for the month of August and September. The Bascom has put together a variety of Photography Workshops & Classes for all of those photography enthusiast out there. Whether you’re an individual who is just getting into photography or an experienced photographer who is looking to taking a body of work to the next level, The Bascom has come up with the best workshops and classes for everyone. Now let’s take a look!

The first opportunity to get involved into this Photography fest is to attend The Bascoms Barn Dance on Saturday August 13th. I will be there with camera on hand snapping a few shots as people stop by our Photo Booth. There will be more activities at the event making it the best Barn Dance The Bascom has put together so far. For more info on this event please follow the LINK.

I’m happy to announce that I will be presenting at the next Photo Club Meeting which will be on Wednesday August 17th from 5:30 pm-7pm. I will be discussing my recent works which involves spaces and individuals in WNC. There will be a small demo where I will try to include those who are present in the image. I will also explain the process behind my works and it will be followed by a small Q&A session. Stop by on Wednesday evening and be part of this collaboration! For more info on my project and to see my work, you can follow the LINK.NAMETHSISWEB-12

The Bascom is thrilled to have the legend himself, Mr. Tim Barnwell, as the visiting teaching artist from Wednesday August 24th through Friday August 26th. “This program is open to experienced photographers working in all areas of interest and subject matter – landscapes, nature, portraits, documentary, or fine art (film or digital). Participants will identify themes in their current photography, select a subject to explore in depth, and learn the skills needed to follow a project from concept through completion. Other topics include learning to edit your work, developing databases for organizing images, writing artist statements and cover letters, correspondence with publications and galleries, self-publishing, and professional exhibition standards.” For more details and to register please follow the LINK.

This year The Bascom is offering After School Photography classes for the youth (12-16 years old). The classes will be held on Tuesdays from 3:30-5pm starting on September 6th all the way through October 25th. In each class we will cover different aspects of photography successfully introducing young individuals to this unique art medium. For more details and to register, please follow the LINKWeek_Pics-152

We will also be offering Youth Digital Art Classes on Saturdays from 10am-12pm starting on September 10th all the way through October 22nd.The registration date and more details are still to come.

Oh! and we haven’t forgotten about Adult Photography Classes. They will be held on every Saturday from 1pm – 3pm starting on September 10th all the way through October 22nd. The registration date and more details are still to come. Blog

Finally, for all those who love the Fall season, Greg Newington will be hosting the workshop “Fall Photography” on Thursday September 29th and Friday September 30th from 10am-4pm. For more details and to register, please follow the LINK

A quick reminder that if our workshops or classes don’t fit into your schedule or photography interests, you can always set up and ABA (Art by Appointment) with us. For more details on how to set up an ABA you can follow the LINKWeek_Pics-146

Stay tuned for more photography news!

-Byron, Photography Artist-in-Residence



Think it, Build it!

This past week students demonstrated their building and sculpture skills in 3D Art Camp!

Day 1 we learned about Louise Nevelson and created our own assemblage sculptures.  Students filled boxes with found and recycled objects, thoughtfully arranging their selected items before gluing them down.  We worked on foreground, middle ground, and background within the boxes, and considered placing objects at different depths.  We then spray painted them one flat color like Louise Nevelson- they turned our great!

I thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate a project that related to the Bascom’s current exhibition Brian Fireman’s furniture design.  A majority of students had no idea that furniture was an art form!  It was an exciting revelation for many when they realized that their homes were filled with functional art works they used on a daily basis.  Using cardboard, students constructed stools that were actually sturdy enough to support all of their weight when sitting on them (and my own weight, as a fully grown adult!)- The secret is using triangles for the inner construction.  We then upholstered and painted the stools. I think everyone was excited about how they could use cardboard in a way they had never imagined before to create a useful work of art.


We also explored costume design as a sculptural art form.  Choosing from animals native to Western North Carolina, students invented their own masks and costumes based off of their animals.  After the costumes were completed, we cantered, scurried, and crawled down the Bascom’s nature trail.

On the final day, we learned about the sculptor Alberto Giacometti and students got an introduction into exaggerated figure sculpting.  Using wire, we learned about and created an armature, and then chose a pose to seethe figures in.  Students altered the materials so the sculptures turned out looking like small bronze figurines.

What a fun week!

-Kristina Rose Baker



Photography For All Ages

Hello! I hope everyone is having a lovely and productive weekend. These past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure to teach photography workshops to individuals from all ages. I love kids and teaching photography to them requires a little more patience, so it was definitely a learning experience not only for the kids but for myself as well. I’m very content with the outcome so for this particular post I wanted to share some of the work the students have produced during the month of July.

I had the pleasure to teach Digital Art Camp along side Community Artist-in-Residence Kristina Baker. One of my favorite projects from the week were the double exposures the young students made by combining a silhouette with a drawing or a picture they took throughout camp. Here are some examples.

There were also so many images they took and edited during the week. They learned some basics about color correction and composition in Lightroom and Photoshop. We also got the chance to use our scanner into other photography projects.

The following images are of Ila, one of my former students. During our ABA we covered exposure, composition, color, and the usage of different types of light sources in photography. She then followed to put all of that information along with a small narrative into an image. She made a few sketches of her idea and then we followed to bring that idea to life.

Karalynn was another one of my young students during this month. She wanted to know how to use her camera so we went over the different dials and buttons and their functions. We then  followed to take pictures at different exposures. The Bascom campus has plenty of good spaces to use when it comes to photography so we had fun exploring them while learning about composition and depth of field. On the last two ABAs she planned a project which brought together her creativity and her photography knowledge she acquired throughout the past weeks into a creative image.

I also wanted to share three new images from my small project Developing Portraits and Stories. The image of the man holding a container and the image of the two boys were taken at The Bascom, while the image of the woman was taken at Greenville. I was there at the beginning of this month visiting fellow artists. For more images of the project you can follow the LINK.

Finally, here is the latest image from my Human Mounds series. For more images from this project and to share your ideas and images with me, you can visit my website.

Until next time!

-Byron Tenesaca, Photography Artist-in-Residence


9 Girls in a Digital World

The Bascom had its first ever Youth Arts Digital Camp, and it was a blast!

We filled the Youth studio with computers, scanners, a photo printer, lights, and cameras-and this was the first week I didn’t have to wear an apron in the studio!

I had the pleasure of working with photography resident Byron and Community Arts Intern Cecily this week- I am so appreciative! This week couldn’t have come together without all their help.

The first day of camp was an introduction to photography and principles of design.  Students explored the Bascom through the lenses of their cameras (and iPhones) and searched for photographs that exemplified six design principles- line, shape, movement, texture, scale, and color.  We then uploaded the photos onto Lightroom to do some digital editing.  These are two photos depicting texture from the Nature Trail!

The second day we learned about double exposures, and students created a “world inside of their head”.  We made three images to fill the silhouettes, and then students decided which was the most successful to print.  We scanned drawings and collages into the computer for digital editing.


I love stop-motion animation, and we decided to make our own original claymation stop-motion film on the third day of camp.  Students created everything from the set to the storyboard to the characters and the music.  The film turned out great and is now posted on Youtube! Follow the link to check out the short two minute film,  “Revenge of the River” Below is a photo of the set in progress-


Students were so enthusiastic about creating their own worlds through set design that the next day we created another world and explored their superpowers through illusions and photography!

And more double exposure practice! Yes, you ARE seeing double (or triple)….

Such a fun week.  This week is 3D camp.  I can’t wait for all the sculptural creativity!

-Kristina Rose Baker