In my own practice, I have been experimenting with the viewers experience with my work.  In the education gallery, I have traditionally installed work alongside a patchwork of copies of sketchbooks, material samples QR codes that bring viewers to process videos and voice recordings and other process images. This dialogue gives a more complete view of the inner workings of my art and allows a view of  my thought process.


My teaching practice remains a constant– if I am teaching pre school to adults, I teach ’em all the same. I challenge and question and push kids ( in the most helpful way) in the same way I do adults. I also teach them the same technical skills that adults are being taught. Learning is challenging and I want to challenge their growing minds. The projects that I pick to teach are techniques that I do and teach to adults tailored  in a way that make sense. So far this summer has been filled with printmaking, screen printing, paper craft and paper marbling. These skill sets build upon themselves and created kids curious about technique, and what else they can create and do.

A Recap July through Photographs

Wishing everyone a happy August! I hope it’s filled with lots of fruitfulness. Before we look ahead to this month lets look back at the month of July that came ….and left. I wanted to share with everyone some of the photographs I took during the past four weeks and give you a bit of good news about coming up opportunities to get yourself involved at The Bascom during this month of August.

I’ve been meeting with Amanda Clark every month for our Photo Lessons. She has come a long way since our fist meeting. We have covered a majority of topics in photography including camera how to prepare for a photo shoot, prevent camera shake and blurring, adjust image size and quality, effetely usage of lens, and a thorough understanding of optimal camera controls for different shooting styles. Here, she is manually adjusting herNikon D610 settings and follows to find the desirable perspective before snapping a picture of

Bascom in Bloom filled our campus and galleries with the smell of fresh flowers and filled our galleries with artworks pertaining to flowers.  I was holding a demo beside the main stage on how to efficiently photograph your flower arrangements with your iphone. The following photographs of the two main presentations on that

Greg Newington was back in town to teach a four day workshop titled Photography in Bloom. If you missed it, there will be another photo workshop opportunity with Greg on September 21-22. Follow the link for more details   Click HereClick Hereblog-4blog-5

I got the opportunity to teach a three-day Youth Storytelling Photography Workshop this month. On the first day we focused on the technicality of the camera and what happens every time you take a picture and the students starting drawings ideas for their project. The second day was spent outdoors collecting imagery from our beautiful campus to incorporate in our final image. The third day was spent in the studio editing our final image using lighroom and photoshop. The following two photos were taken during our second day of

The Bascom held the first Barn Dance of the year. YES! we are having another Barn Dance on August 11th. Make sure to mark your calendars and come join us for another evening of food, music, art, performances, and dance!

I got to meet artist, Nancy Franke, who taught a two part painting workshop. She guided students through the fun and expressive techniques of al la prima painting in oils. Session 1 was designed for beginner oil painters with basic knowledge of painting techniques and practices, and Session 2 was for advanced students, focusing on figurative subject matter.

I also got to meet Artist, Elena Vizerskaya who currently has a Pop Up Show in the Atrium. Come by and see her amazing prints in person. The following photos were taken during her presentation at The Bascoms Monthly Photography Club Meeting. blog-23blog-25

Another photographer who presented for the Highlands-Cashiers Art League is John Kurc. Sadly, I missed the presentation but I did get to speak to John before his presentation. Kurc has had photographs in Vogue and other high profile magazines. To learn more about him you can follow the link: Click Here blog-28

A particular work that has caught my eye is that of Asheville artist Matt Tommey. I happen to pass by when he was installing his creative basket forms in the Atrium. To learn more about Matt and the process of his works you can follow the link: Click Hereblog-26

The following photographs are of our Community Atist-in-Residence and my housemate Grant Benoit. He’s out on The Bascom’s Terrace on some Saturdays welcoming the community and teaching them a bit about printmaking techniques. If he’s not there you can find him working hard in his studio. To learn more about Grant, you can follow the link: Click Here blog-27blog-17

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of my me during my Residency at The Bascom. I have two more months in Highlands and I’m going to make the best out of them. I’m currently working on a last piece for a new series that marriages my background in painting and photography. I am so happy to get all this work, printed, matted, framed and installed. The following is my representation of this month’s Eclipse. Enjoy! Eclipse

Byron Tenesaca, Photo Resident Artist 



Studio Happenings

This past week, I had less teaching  and a bit more concentrated studio time. So naturally, I spent it in the studio. What was I doing you may ask? I’ve been wallpapering a bentwood rocker, printing some stationary and textile for the B Gallery and Arrowmont Gallery Store, as well as testing out things for various workshops.

IMG_3130 2

Typically I screen print my wallpaper, though for this project I deviated and printed the pattern digitally. It was from a drawing and I enjoyed the looseness and texture so I wanted to keep it true to the original. I am also ordering upholstery fabric in the same pattern from Spoonflower, so I wanted to keep the output similar. Below is the repeat of the pattern:

FullSizeRender 12

I camouflage these furniture pieces to talk about threshold theory in memory, or the instance when walking into another room and becoming disoriented in place and space. The pattern flattens and distorts the furniture, and the form of the furniture disrupts the pattern, causing the viewer to immediately stop and find a moment to discern space in order to understand both.  I have also been working with transforming crown molding and how I can segment and curl it. Working with a couple of different patterns, I made some plaster press molds that I’ll create some more curvilinear moldings for compositions.

Two weeks of fun in the books

These young artists were so much fun to make art with.  They had so much energy I seemed to gain some as well! Great creative and questioning minds.  So many techniques of mark making were used, and inventive minds found their own ways to use them. This was cool to watch.  We used watercolors, acrylics, painting machines, wax, ink, dye and had so much fun with it.  Hiking on our nature trail and sketching on the bench sculptures, frisbee and most of all snack time.. always fun!  I get to learn with how to be a better teacher through this experience of teaching at the Bascom too, getting to look back at how I can better foster success each week is an amazing educational tool.  We’ve covered drawing, painting, and a little building along the way, and we get to put them all together in mixed media next week.

I can’t wait to see what the next group of rising artists creates!

Sumer CampSumer Camp-4Sumer Camp-7Sumer Camp-12

A recap of June through Photographs

With the month of June coming to an end and the endless photographs I have taken during the past couple of weeks, I thought it would be great to highlight some of the special moments from our events, classes, youth camps, and workshops through my top picks and share with everyone some wonderful news. Lets begging by showcasing our annual fundraising event, Collective Spirits. Of the 150+ photos I took that weekend, this is one of my favorites. Jim is about get the bidding auction underway. Everyone is sitting with their paddles ready as Jim starts going over the list of items. My photos hang in the background with the last rays soft of light shining through the whitest layers. It almost seems as if that little girl was once again looking into the camera lens. I dislike using my flash for low light shots, so for this one I had increase my ISO and luckily Jim was surrounded by lightbulbs which gave me a little extra light to work with and at the same time added a sense of gathering and festivity to the photo. I’m a fan of the bowtie.CollectiveSpirits17-132This month of June I got the opportunity to teach an Intro to Digital Photography Class to 5 students. All of them were new students. As I began explaining the concepts and technicality of a DSLR, each student began taking small notes. Once gone over a topic on the board I would go around the table reassuring that each student knew where to find that setting or control dial in their camera. The following photograph was taken by one of the students, Amanda. You can see part of my body as I move to the next student, but yet the previous looks back at the board expressing some uncertainty, perhaps. A few concepts can be challenging to understand, such as that of the Aperture in that a “Wide Aperture” is a small number and vice versa. Blog-5

The Photography Club Guest Speaker for the Month of June was Anna Norton. She is a Visual Artist who tends to work with still digital images that document a space over the length of a day from sunrise to sunset in a short timelapse video. She presented her new eco-awareness project, “How Many Trees?” which is a collaboration with John Melvin, an international artist who focuses on site specific installations with recycled materials. “This collaborative, temporary installation will be constructed of used office paper collected from Old Edwards properties and other local businesses. The installation will begin the first week of July and end with a natural and symbolic demise beginning with the first significant rainfall following its completion at the end of the month.” On this photograph you can see the huge balloons that are being used to create the paper mâché and John physically immersing himself in the process of making his work as always.


Family Day at the Bascom was just phenomenal. I got the opportunity to hold a Creature Mask making table which brought me so much joy as I got to see youth creativity at action. It was a tough decision choosing one photograph to highlight the whole event, but I decided to go with the one of Grant Benoit and a little girl on crutches. She made herself through each activity table participating as much as she could. Short after stopping by my table, she followed to make a print with Grant. BlogFresh Rosemary Cafe is back at The Bascom. What a delightful way to end your visit to The Bascom than to have Rosemary Metal prepare a fresh and nutritious lunch for you and for your family. My personal favorite is The Renoir and mint tea. I promise you will like it


Karen Weihs Knife Pallet Painting Class is often a popular one around the area. The following photograph was taken with a wide angle lens so that I could cover how full the studio was. As you can see it still wasn’t enough.Blog-4

Explorations Oil and Cold Wax with Dianne Martia was also a full class. This was taken on the last day of the class. All students proudly held their best work from the week.Blog-2Fundamentals of Fine Art Batik with Cindy Wilson filled the adult studio with scent of hot wax and fabric. Here is one of her students cautiously applying the liquid to what seems to be a portrait. Patience and foresight are two components that make this art form so unique. I would say that her favorite color might be green.Blog-14

The following is a photo of a Clay Workshop led by Alice Ballard. The theme for the week was form inspired by nature, so there were many sticks and leaves that added texture to the clay and inspired the final works. Here she is talking about different processes and approaches, as the rest of the group carefully listens.Blog-6

Summer Camp at the Bascom is being led by Brendan Best. He is an extraordinary instructor for the younger crowd. I have taken a good amount of photographs throughout the month and it warms the heart to see the works that these young artists are creating. On this particular photograph one of the students is the main focus while Brendan is out of focus in the background almost echoing his motion of the brush.Blog-13

A young girl holding a wheel head with a bowl on it rushes to her mother after finishing it. The rest of the family, friends, and instructors look with curiosity and content at her accomplishment. The ceramics barn is always busy this time of year. Blog-8

Amanda Clark has joined the team and is assisting with workshops, activities, and events here at the Bascom this summer. On this shot, she is stopping by Grants studio and I could hear their laugher as I came in. I snapped a quick shot of her before saying hello. I enjoy the light coming through the door opening and Grants name on the flyer. They both have been a great addition to the team. Blog-9

With Bascom in Bloom coming up soon, I wanted create a new work for the exhibition that will be up next month. After a few days of thinking about photographing wild flowers, I decided to just continue my series of collages of old scanned photos and combine different flowers to come up with some kind of Garden. After a weeks worth of work I have a finished product. In brief, this collage represent the six women whom have influenced my life and have always looked after me, along with some of my favorite flowers. Very similar but, each has it’s own personality. Garden

Byron Tenesaca, Photo Resident      

Back Again!

I’ve been away for two weeks assisting Jerry Jackson and Jane Wells Harrison at Penland for their workshop ‘Reconsidered’, which was primarily about material exploration, encaustic collage, and assemblage work–All which I’m excited to incorporate into my classes at the Bascom.

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But man was it a exciting reintroduction to reality: Collective Spirits, new exhibitions, and my first classes of the summer. The Highlands Recreation is merging science and art together in STEAM based classes that are focusing on outer space. Our first camp focused on the planets with the kids actually orbiting as the respective planets and creating their own planetary sun catchers. I want the kids to learn information and then use their own imaginations to build on those facts.  Will Barclift and I have been plotting how to bring Printmaking into the light again and making use of a really great Conrad press. Cashiers Senior Center printed mono prints and the Boys and Girls Club printed silkscreen patterns a la Corita Kent.

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First group of artists… Amazing!

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of young artists, it seemed like “Have Fun” could be the only rule. They made so many things this first week, getting plenty messy in the process!  We explored sculptures outside, and got inspired by gallery exhibitions upstairs.

Look out world!  The next generation of makers is here.

Having so much fun,

Brendan Best