Vicki Provost, Photography Artist in Residence

This week I had the opportunity to document the Pick-n-Paint a Pumpkin and International Friendship Center events – both fun and creative.  I had the privilege to present a survey of my photography to the Bascom Photography Club, and was graciously received by the enthusiastic and well-informed members.  Thanks to them all!  I look forward to attending the Club’s meetings, getting to know them better, and learning more about photography.




Thank You & See You Soon.

I wanted to take a moment and inform everyone of my departure from my position as The Bascoms Photography Artist in Residence and to let everyone know of how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you in this beautiful town.

Thank you for all the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during this year and a half. It has been a delightful and educational journey that I will remember until my last days.

I will be moving to Asheville this weekend and even though I will miss The Bascom and everyone who has been part of it, I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.

I’ll definitely be coming back to visit and also teach a workshop or two next year! And if you would like to stay in touch you can always send me an email or follow my journey in Asheville through my social media.

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For this last blog post I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite shots of The Bascom family that I have take in the past year and a half. Enjoy!

Thanks again. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

until next time!

Byron Tenesaca, 2016-2017 Photography Artist in Residence


Okay, I’ll be better…

While I still write letters and keep an analogue calendar, actually sitting down to the computer and updating the blog always slips away. It’s so easy to update The Bascom’s instagram, and my own instagram, and website, and well… My promise to be better–because I want to share all the great things that are going on.  Maybe I’ll go crazy and post a process post on Friday… Maybe.

As we ease into a different, less crazy summer schedule, means different groups and faces in the studio. An exciting group is the Highlands High School advanced studio class that comes 4 days a week to take classes at The Bascom. Being a printmaker and also very craft oriented, I approach my classes with a good dose of fun and method. I want anyone who takes a class to leave with a better sense of making than when they started. We started the semester off with a riff on the ole’ marbled composition journal. Students learned all the steps of traditional marbling from preparation of the bath to patterns. Moving on from there included some color theory, math and hand/eye coordination to create their coptic journals. IMG_0611 2

I’m heading  up next week to Morehead KY to give a Visiting Artist Lecture to the Art and Art History Deparment at Morehead State University and deliver work for an exhibition. I’m also currently in the Bunzl Gallery with the Innovative Fibers: A Survey of Contemporary Textiles. Really neat exhibit with some great work–Check it out!

Focus: August at The Bascom

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a blessed week. I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite photos taken at The Bascom during the month of August. The summer season has gone by so quick and has brought so much. I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of wonderful people this month and wanted to highlight a few moments and share through photos some of the events that have taken place at The Bascom as well as share with everyone some news. Lets get started!

The month began with a reception for Natasha Bowdoin’s The Honey and the Root Exhibition at the Bunzl Gallery. The following images are of her talking about the tought and process behind bringing her works of art together. To learn more about Natasha you can follow the link: Natasha

Using an assortment of mixed media — cut paper, graphite, gouache and wall painting, Natasha Bowdoin presents a site-specific sculptural installation, in addition to her recent two-dimensional works. Inspired by literature, botanical illustrations and the natural world, she creates an awe-inspiring landscape of flora and fauna.

Fellow Community Artist in Residence, Grant Benoit, and I got the opportunity to assist with the last session of Summer Camp and also held ABAs for those who required them. To learn more about ABAs (Art By Appointment) at The Bascom, you can follow the link: ABAs

I got the chance to meet and document Armand Cabrera’s Watercolor Workshop. This workshop covered the process of rendering different types of surfaces and textures including cloth, stone and reflective surfaces. To learn more about Armand Cabrera you can follow the link: Aramand Cabrera

August was filled with laughs and adventures with some lovely ladies! I taught a photography workshop which focused on light and understanding the limits of the camera when it came to metering and exposing a space or an object with a short difference in value. The following week, two of my younger students, Amanda and Lindsay, who also happen to be doing internships at The Bascom this summer joined me as we went on a short trip to practice on our model, Taylor. We had so much fun and learned a few camera tricks, such as learning how to shot through thin objects to create a soft glow effect without the usage of photoshop!

August also brought a new resident to The Bascom! Carrie Creech is our new Ceramics Artist in Residence. I took this portrait of her right beside the famous Dave Drake Barn during her first week. Make sure to stop by the ceramics barn and meet her personally. To learn more about her, you can follow the link:  CarrieNew-Ceramics-Resident

Speaking of unique happenings at The Bascom during this month. I hope everyone got to see and experience the solar eclipse! This was one of those occasions where I wanted to be in the moment physically and mentally so I didn’t bother to mess with my equipment. I know it was a bit cloudy here in Highlands, but I hope everyone’s experience was as great. All the nocturnal noises that came with the 3 minutes of darkness. It was just surreal! IMG_3054This month I was also part of the Artist in Residence Pop-up Show and it was a privilege to show along fellow resident artists Grant Benoit and Brendan Best. They have been a big inspiration to me and being able to show with them was just great! The following images of the Reception were captured by this summers Photo Intern, Lindsay Kappius. To learn more about the residents/interns you can follow the links: Grant Benoit, Brendan Best, Byron Tenesaca, & Lindsay Kappius.

By the end of the month I found myself walking around in Asheville, NC. One of the aspects that I love about Asheville is the amount of people that swarm over this city. It’s the perfect spot for capturing candid shots of people doing different things. Here are some photos I took while walking up and down the streets.

Oh! and you do not always need a fancy camera to take awesome photos of people in the streets. I’m looking into starting a portfolio dedicated to street photography taken with an iPhone. The following are test shots taken with my iPhone 6.

I wanted to introduced everyone to two of my new works, Mound Nest and Paper Boat. Mound Nest will be in the next Exhibition at Sotheby’s Realty in Highlands, NC. In order to create this photograph I had to go into my backyard and create a nest with a diameter of about 10ft. It took me about 5 hours to complete. I’m super happy with the outcome. Paper Boat is a collage of memories from my childhood; learning how to make paper boats, washing clothes in the river, bathing in the river with my aunts, the sound of water itself, catching my first fish, chewing bubble gum on the weekends, and watching the sunrise over the hills.

Now that August has come to an end, we welcome September with the first ever “Three Figurative Sculptors Symposium in the Dave Drake Studio Barn. This year we are delighted to host Debra Fritts, Nancy Kubale, and Lisa Clague. Demonstrations will include their individual building techniques, as well as their signature approaches to color and surface treatment.” The event will be held on Saturday, September 2nd from 9am-4pm. C.S.

until next time!

Byron Tenesaca, Photography Artist in Residence             


In my own practice, I have been experimenting with the viewers experience with my work.  In the education gallery, I have traditionally installed work alongside a patchwork of copies of sketchbooks, material samples QR codes that bring viewers to process videos and voice recordings and other process images. This dialogue gives a more complete view of the inner workings of my art and allows a view of  my thought process.


My teaching practice remains a constant– if I am teaching pre school to adults, I teach ’em all the same. I challenge and question and push kids ( in the most helpful way) in the same way I do adults. I also teach them the same technical skills that adults are being taught. Learning is challenging and I want to challenge their growing minds. The projects that I pick to teach are techniques that I do and teach to adults tailored  in a way that make sense. So far this summer has been filled with printmaking, screen printing, paper craft and paper marbling. These skill sets build upon themselves and created kids curious about technique, and what else they can create and do.

A Recap of July through Photographs

Wishing everyone a happy August! I hope it’s filled with lots of fruitfulness. Before we look ahead to this month lets look back at the month of July that came ….and left. I wanted to share with everyone some of the photographs I took during the past four weeks and give you a bit of good news about coming up opportunities to get yourself involved at The Bascom during this month of August.

I’ve been meeting with Amanda Clark every month for our Photo Lessons. She has come a long way since our fist meeting. We have covered a majority of topics in photography including camera how to prepare for a photo shoot, prevent camera shake and blurring, adjust image size and quality, effetely usage of lens, and a thorough understanding of optimal camera controls for different shooting styles. Here, she is manually adjusting herNikon D610 settings and follows to find the desirable perspective before snapping a picture of

Bascom in Bloom filled our campus and galleries with the smell of fresh flowers and filled our galleries with artworks pertaining to flowers.  I was holding a demo beside the main stage on how to efficiently photograph your flower arrangements with your iphone. The following photographs of the two main presentations on that

Greg Newington was back in town to teach a four day workshop titled Photography in Bloom. If you missed it, there will be another photo workshop opportunity with Greg on September 21-22. Follow the link for more details   Click HereClick Hereblog-4blog-5

I got the opportunity to teach a three-day Youth Storytelling Photography Workshop this month. On the first day we focused on the technicality of the camera and what happens every time you take a picture and the students starting drawings ideas for their project. The second day was spent outdoors collecting imagery from our beautiful campus to incorporate in our final image. The third day was spent in the studio editing our final image using lighroom and photoshop. The following two photos were taken during our second day of

The Bascom held the first Barn Dance of the year. YES! we are having another Barn Dance on August 11th. Make sure to mark your calendars and come join us for another evening of food, music, art, performances, and dance!

I got to meet artist, Nancy Franke, who taught a two part painting workshop. She guided students through the fun and expressive techniques of al la prima painting in oils. Session 1 was designed for beginner oil painters with basic knowledge of painting techniques and practices, and Session 2 was for advanced students, focusing on figurative subject matter.

I also got to meet Artist, Elena Vizerskaya who currently has a Pop Up Show in the Atrium. Come by and see her amazing prints in person. The following photos were taken during her presentation at The Bascoms Monthly Photography Club Meeting. blog-23blog-25

Another photographer who presented for the Highlands-Cashiers Art League is John Kurc. Sadly, I missed the presentation but I did get to speak to John before his presentation. Kurc has had photographs in Vogue and other high profile magazines. To learn more about him you can follow the link: Click Here blog-28

A particular work that has caught my eye is that of Asheville artist Matt Tommey. I happen to pass by when he was installing his creative basket forms in the Atrium. To learn more about Matt and the process of his works you can follow the link: Click Hereblog-26

The following photographs are of our Community Atist-in-Residence and my housemate Grant Benoit. He’s out on The Bascom’s Terrace on some Saturdays welcoming the community and teaching them a bit about printmaking techniques. If he’s not there you can find him working hard in his studio. To learn more about Grant, you can follow the link: Click Here blog-27blog-17

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of my me during my Residency at The Bascom. I have two more months in Highlands and I’m going to make the best out of them. I’m currently working on a last piece for a new series that marriages my background in painting and photography. I am so happy to get all this work, printed, matted, framed and installed. The following is my representation of this month’s Eclipse. Enjoy! Eclipse

Byron Tenesaca, Photo Resident Artist