Always New

Though my functions here at The Bascom ( remain fairly constant – primarily teaching, documenting and creating my own work, the activities are never redundant, and continue to be fresh and new.  This week saw two important and fun events – The reception for Frank Vickery’s exhibition, Homage, and the annual Barn Dance.

 To celebrate Frank’s exhibition, refreshments were served up in the Ceramics Barn, which was transformed with tablecloths, flowers, and smock-free guests. The group later moved to the Loft Gallery, where Frank spoke about the intricate process in creating his pieces.

For the Barn Dance, the terrace was cleared to create a dance floor, where a square dance lesson was enjoyed by the crowd.  I found this particularly challenging to photograph, since standing outside the circle gave me a clear view of everyone’s backs.  So I moved to the inside of the circle, to be caged in by the dancers moving forward.  I don’t think I was too much in the way…

The Bascom serves the community with novel and diverse exhibitions, activities and events.  I enjoy the anticipation of seeing what’s next.

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