The creative process does not exist in a vacuum, but rather has a place in the continuum of the history of creative process.  One’s work is influenced by others’, even if only subconsciously.  Somewhere, somehow, someone has thought something similar to your thoughts.  They may have executed their work differently, but relationships exist. And these are worth knowing.

Though I have been photographing landscapes for several years now, my current project, A Walk in the Woods, involves the human figure, albeit in a blurred form, with the intent of communicating the spiritual connection of humans to the landscape.  Hence, I have been reading, Landscape as Photograph, by Elizabeth Lindquist-Cock and Estelle Jussim, in particular the chapter titled, Landscape as God.

A lengthy relationship exists depicting the landscape as a metaphor for God.  It continues to this day.  One of the factors differentiating the varying appearances of   its rendering is which God is being referred to.  God as Creator, vengeful chastiser, distant master of natural law, machine, and more.

The landscape in my work consists primarily of lush, green forests.  My exhibition, A Walk in the Woods, opens at The Bascom ( in mid-September.  Come see it.  I leave it to you to determine which God is being referred to.


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