All Good Things…

All good things must come to an end.  My one year term as Photography Artist in Residence is complete.  But this isn’t really the end: I plan to continue on at The Bascom ( as a member of The Bascom Photography Club, and thereby stay in touch with fellow Bascomites, keeping updated on photography projects and events.  I absolutely intend to visit all the exhibitions here.  The Bascom makes it easy to stay involved.

That being said, it is the end of a phase. The experience of resident artist blasted me into action.  I have not photographed as intensely as I did here since graduate school (a long time ago).  I was included as an integral part of the work force (not merely an appendage).  And I received that which I most earnestly desired for years – to be engaged with a supportive community of artists.

As before mentioned, thanks to all bears repeating, despite the fact that “Thanks” is an exceedingly inadequate way to express the sentiment.  To Teresa Osbourne, who made it a point to poke her head in my door and say, “Well done”; to the “Girls” – Lin Sheffield and Julia McRae – who made life upbeat; all the staff and artists who contributed to the esprit decor; but most especially to Billy Love, whose support of and confidence in me spurred me on, I offer my most heartfelt and humble expression of gratitude.  This has been an experience never to be repeated.


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