Two Weeks Worth of Adventure

Ive been in Highlands for two weeks now, and I’m loving every minute of it. In the past two weeks, I have hiked almost 40 miles, and have seen many waterfalls. Ive never had this type of freedom to explore my art before, have this much time. Ive gotten the number of shots it normally takes me a month to get, times two. I am enjoying my time up here immensely.

During my time exploring, I’ve gotten to try new skills and techniques out. my days at work (the outdoors) have been spent taking photographs and doing a little bit of fly fishing. Here is one of my favorite spots on the Chattooga river.

From the iron bridge on the Chattooga

Ive also hiked down to the bottom of Cullasaja Falls a few days this week, which is not a super easy trek down. Especially in the rain. This is one of my favorites from down there.

Cullasaja Falls

I hope you enjoy. Next week I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes of the shots I’ve been getting, so be on the lookout for that.

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