A New Way to Photograph

This past week, I’ve picked up a new addition to my photography collection, A drone. These are somewhat controversial in the photo community, as people are known to fly illegally and irresponsibly with them. I am on the path now to get Federally certified, and have been learning all the Ins and outs of safely operating a drone.

The one I bought is a fantastic choice for me. Since I mostly hike and backpack to get to shooting locations, the size of the aircraft was very important for me. It folds up and fits into my bag, allowing easy hikes just like what I’m used to. It also has enough megapixels for me to be able to print with it. The drone uses a 1″ Hasselblad Sensor, which makes for an outstanding image. Here it is:

The new addition allows me to get completely different shots than I have ever been capable of, giving me a new realm of creativity to work with. Lately I have been exploring the Chattooga river, and this has made that so much easier for me. Here are some shots from some of my days spent on the river:

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