For current information about The Bascom’s Exhibitions, Outreach, Education Programs and Events, please visit:


The Bascom Mission:

Believing that creative expression transforms our lives, The Bascom is committed to providing life enriching experiences through diverse exhibitions; comprehensive arts education and public programs; support for regional artists; and strategic partnerships facilitating cultural and economic development in the Highlands-Cashiers community.

The Bascom Residency Program:

Natural Inspiration. Since moving to our campus in 2009, artists from around the world have discovered that The Bascom grounds are a ceaselessly inspiring environment for studio and instructional practice. Artists have access to 6-acres of trails, stone amphitheaters, a creekside pavilion, the Sculpture and Nature Trail, a corncrib, and multiple galleries and studios with a rustic barnwood aesthetic.

A Different Type of Residency. The Bascom’s Resident Artists are critical members of our team. We entrust them with real responsibilities that uphold the mission of our organization. Residents must be disciplined, hard workers who are able to tackle a broad range of projects that will prepare them for a career in the arts.

Well-Rounded Work Experience.

  • Curriculum Design
  • Instruction for All Ages
  • Studio Management
  • Equipment Training
  • Public Presentations
  • Community Service
  • Volunteerism
  • Pop-Up Exhibition Installation
  • Artist Statement and Portfolio Development
  • Professional Development

Support.  Department heads regularly meet with Resident Artists to evaluate the residents’ performance, provide feedback, set project goals, find local and regional opportunities for the resident’s benefit, and give positive reinforcement.

Compensation.  In return for their contributions to the Bascom team, residents are given complimentary housing, paid instructional opportunities (which vary per department), and 60 percent of artwork sales.

For more information about residency and internship opportunities, please visit:





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