A New Way to Photograph

This past week, I’ve picked up a new addition to my photography collection, A drone. These are somewhat controversial in the photo community, as people are known to fly illegally and irresponsibly with them. I am on the path now to get Federally certified, and have been learning all the Ins and outs of safely operating a drone.

The one I bought is a fantastic choice for me. Since I mostly hike and backpack to get to shooting locations, the size of the aircraft was very important for me. It folds up and fits into my bag, allowing easy hikes just like what I’m used to. It also has enough megapixels for me to be able to print with it. The drone uses a 1″ Hasselblad Sensor, which makes for an outstanding image. Here it is:

The new addition allows me to get completely different shots than I have ever been capable of, giving me a new realm of creativity to work with. Lately I have been exploring the Chattooga river, and this has made that so much easier for me. Here are some shots from some of my days spent on the river:

Two Weeks Worth of Adventure

Ive been in Highlands for two weeks now, and I’m loving every minute of it. In the past two weeks, I have hiked almost 40 miles, and have seen many waterfalls. Ive never had this type of freedom to explore my art before, have this much time. Ive gotten the number of shots it normally takes me a month to get, times two. I am enjoying my time up here immensely.

During my time exploring, I’ve gotten to try new skills and techniques out. my days at work (the outdoors) have been spent taking photographs and doing a little bit of fly fishing. Here is one of my favorite spots on the Chattooga river.

From the iron bridge on the Chattooga

Ive also hiked down to the bottom of Cullasaja Falls a few days this week, which is not a super easy trek down. Especially in the rain. This is one of my favorites from down there.

Cullasaja Falls

I hope you enjoy. Next week I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes of the shots I’ve been getting, so be on the lookout for that.

Start of my Journey

Hello all, This is Dylan Lytle. I am the Photography Resident for 2019 here at The Bascom. I am thrilled to have this opportunity, and excited to share my progression as an artist, and as an individual with you all.

I have been photographing for six years now, and one year as a professional. I am passionate about landscape photography, and the beauty it encompasses. I look to further my art through my time spent here at The Bascom. I live in Old Fort, NC, right below Asheville. I am used to having a wonderful landscape within minutes to enjoy and photograph, and now living in Highlands, that certainly hasn’t changed.

I moved into my house three days ago, and love it. It is small yet spacious, and is perfect for what I need. Here is a shot I took upon my arrival.

The A-frame Cabin at The Bascom Gallery

I will be writing about my experience every Sunday afternoon, and possibly in between. I look forward to sharing my journey here as an artist with you all, and excited to be a part of this community.